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Application For Staff Position ( Applying Method ) Empty Application For Staff Position ( Applying Method )

on Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:23 pm
USF Application For Staff Position ( Applying Method )

Name ( In Server ) :-

Real Name :-

Were you invited by any Admin? (admin lvl 2+ only if yes, who?:

Why Do You Want To Join Admin?(motiv.) :-

Country :-

About Yourself :-

Read Before Applying not meeting any of these will result a direct DENIED.

*You Need At-Least 10 Hours Of Gaming Time On Server
*You Need At-Least $10,000 On Server
*You Need To Know Everything About Server Before Applying
*There Will Be A Test After Applying and before applying depends on what Forum administrator said.
*Player Is Allowed To Apply Only after given date by forum

--Thanks To All The Appliers And Best Of Luck--
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