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.::United Stunting Freeroam::. Build 6 Empty .::United Stunting Freeroam::. Build 6

on Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:25 pm
The Topic says right build 6 is here previous build 3, 4, 5 i updated the server but wasnt able to announce them i will tell you about each update that made place in the server later.
New Stuff in Build 6 :-- Also you can use /news to know server news and /anews for admins.
-DJ Arun's requested Music system.
-3 new announce commands for admins.(/ann2 - /ann4).
-DisarmAll Command for admins.
-aweaps for admins to get admin weapons.
-/ips [SENIOR ADMIN ONLY] to check last 10 ips used by a player.
-VIP Weapons /vipweaps
-/show cmd for helpers and admins to show game text to other players ONLY PER PLAYER.
-Admin me 1 and 2 CMD(/adme, /adme2) a improved type of admin main chat stuff
-Player me 1 and 2 CMD(/me and /me2).

Server will be getting more and more updates like this but i need some time as nowadays Shravan babe is not feeling cool i will be doing my best for the server.
Thanks In advanced for playing with us.

-Server Owner
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.::United Stunting Freeroam::. Build 6 Empty Re: .::United Stunting Freeroam::. Build 6

on Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:42 pm
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