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.::United Stunting Freeroam::.Build 2;Version 2 Update Empty .::United Stunting Freeroam::.Build 2;Version 2 Update

on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:33 pm
New :-
-/neon to add neon to your vehicle.
-/afk to goto afk and the afk cmds' /back to get back playing.
-added and removed some wrong spawn settings

-the mg textdraw problem.
-Thanks was showing some of stuff in right side without colors stuff.

Up coming...
-On player give dmg sound and small text lable like
+46.6 for given dmg
-46.6 for taken dmg

Also blip , announce, Ting, and many types of sound will be made for it specially the Alien Blip sound for given and taken sound!
-Duel system
-Race system
-Many more will be -added soon!!!!

This day was fully a scripting day i was scripting the gamemode whole day. Xd
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