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.::United Stunting Freeroam::.Build 1!!! Empty .::United Stunting Freeroam::.Build 1!!!

on Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:07 pm
Biggest update now our server Started saving every single player thing now we are again going well i hope we will get new players soon!
Nothing XD
Bug Fixes:-
-Dialog Name in Player Commands, Premium Commands, Etc fixed from Helper to Their origian
-Fixed the United Stunting Freeroam/Race/DMs/Fun TextDraw to United Stunting Freeroam DMs/Freeroam/Stunts/Fun
-Fixed the Bike bug when player wasnt getting killed in second after using a bike and leaving it (reported by my private invitigator who checks our server privately)
-Fixed many other bugs
-Fixed the /credits showing some codes xD
-Fixed /credits and now it will show Founders Owners and Contributers(Thanks to Poison for help from background)
-Any many other bugs fixed.
-And the main================================================== NOW PLAYERS DATAS ARE BEING SAVED FUCK FFS======================================

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.::United Stunting Freeroam::.Build 1!!! Empty Re: .::United Stunting Freeroam::.Build 1!!!

on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:35 am
.::USF::. Server Updates


*Added Over 100 Houses In San Fierro ( At Different Locations )
*We Have Total 100 Houses On Our Server

.::Bug Fixes::.


.::United Stunting Freeroam::. ( Build 1 )
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