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::uSF:United Stunting Freeroam::Update 0.4a Empty ::uSF:United Stunting Freeroam::Update 0.4a

on Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:59 pm
Here's New Details about the server update its nothing but i added a new admin system here's the cmd list and the functions:
- Anti Weapons Hack
- Anti Spam, Anti Pause
- Temp Ban System (Ban Player for specified Days)
- Dueling System
- Warn System (Kick after the specified number of warnings)
- Spectating System (With TextDraw)
- Flying Camera System
- And many other functions!

Administration System per Level:
Level 1: Moderator
Level 2: Master Moderator
Level 3: Admin
Level 4: Master Admin
Level 5: Server Owner

All Players:
admins, pm, kill,
stats, report, zcredits,
resetstats, changepass

Level 1:
ip, say, jail,
slap, mute, unjail,
repair, freeze, unmute
reports, unfreeze, cc

Level 2:
fix, ann, flip,
kick, drop, warn,
zcam, spawn, eject,
zspec, laston, addnos,
getcord, godmode, specoff,
megajump, highlight, clearchat

Level 3:
fu, aka, ban,
car, goto, duel,
force, unban, zmenu,
setcord, givegun , setname,
gethere, explode, sethealth,
setarmour, engineoff, setgtavity,
setallcash, setallskin, setallscore
setallwanted, setallweather,
killplayer, changeskin

Level 4:
cmd, hide, unhide,
disarm,getall, healall,
jetpack, unbanip, killall,
muteall, ejectall, spawnall,
disarmall, armourall, unmuteall,
explodeall, lockserver, unlockserver,

Level 5:
gmx, delacc, object,
kickall, setlevel, zconsole

Added /duel for admins i will later change this to "For All Players" Meanwhile its only available for admins.
All the previous admin system cmds will remain.
added /object id - That Admins can create Public objects for players like stunt maps and many more!
More and more Cant tell!

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