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In need of Some Help. Empty In need of Some Help.

on Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:15 pm
Hello everyone,

As most of you noticed I can't assume most of the uSF owner tasks as our Main Owner Shravan is inactive nowdays for some personal reasons. That's why I'm asking for some help :

- Web development : remake the whole uSF website. Skills : HTML5/CSS3/PHP/SQL/JS
- Server Scripting : improve the uSF gamemode with new server features. Skills : PAWNO. Of course, the gamemode wont be given, row and I will have to trust the new scripter first.
- Other games managers : uSF can open servers on other games. I will be glad to host your servers , But will need a Good Reason and some help [Take this seriously]
- Community Representers : Make some promotion about uSF on social networks : Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube...

Also, I'm revealing you that I need help on the race system. I want integrate the races in the database to be able to create some new races events and will need help in making Race system
- Triathlon
- Marathon
- Mario Kart Mode
- Parkour Races

- New players Invitation. Yes, you Read right We need you Guy's help in inviting New members to uSF You can invite your Neighbor , Close Friends and etc!
- Some Friendly behavior with new players. Yes, Its the main thing But we need it from Admins.

So yes I still have projects for uSF but I need help.

Thanks for reading.

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