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Some Points For all of the members Empty Some Points For all of the members

on Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:09 pm
Dear Community,

as you have noticed, the player count has dropped rapidly within a few weeks/months. We've been pondering which reasons there could be for this. And it's really hard to say what exactly the reasons are. We have to change some things in this community to work on a better future.

We think the problem are not the updates or the features we have. We are still improving our features to next level than any other server - we have everything you can think of
But, Just wait for it!. Of course there are some things which can be changed or improved but that's not the reason for our player count.

Admins: From now on, it's an important task for you to moderate the chat. It has always been one of your tasks and from now on you gotta deal stricter with that. It does not matter if the person is a friend or not, VIP or not. If you see it as a rule break, take action. Think about the following part from the New Admin Manual:


• Minor Infringement – Take action and issue a warning (if more than two warnings, treat as a medium infringement.)
• Medium Infringement – Jail, torture, toilet or kick the player and issue another warning. (on repeated offences take it as a serious infringement)
• Serious Infringement – Ban the player.

Minor Infringements

• Extreme Swearing
• Offensive
• Annoying players with speed boost
• Annoying admins (like knifing)
• Interfering in events
• Abusing auto fix
• Abusing commands

Medium Infringements

• Large amount of spamming
• Extremely offensive language
• Advertising (especially spam advertising)

Serious Infringements

• Cheating
• Using illegal mods

And About activity we are a Family We aren't Forcing you to be active on server But yes, yesterday i joined with a idk name to see activities on sv none was online i waited much time to see if someone comes or not ... Results : None came to server... A Last word To Admins If you are Inactive due to some Reasons pls say it on General Chat or in Administrator Discussions to get us know you are going to be inactive or no. Due to Inactivity i will have to Perform Some STRICT Actions in Staff Team.

Thanks For Reading
-uSF Management Team.
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