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IRC Server!

on Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:52 pm
Heyo All,
I think the topic says everything :S Anyways i will also tell whats the thing xD
The Thing is the as the topic says Our IRC is made! But the Bot to the server isnt connect it will be connect and then you will be able to send msgs( !say cmd ) from Forum to ingame!!
THIS is the link
Also It can be seen on our home page!!! just goto www.usf-server.forummotion.com !
When you will open it you will see it down of this news!!

P.S. Many Many warm hugs and thanks to Poison for Scripting our server he is in making bot for sv! and he made this IRC!

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Re: IRC Server!

on Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:07 pm
congratz guys cheers

AnnoSH.. tongue
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Re: IRC Server!

on Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:40 pm
Guide from Wikipedia

If you want to use a certain nickname on the network and don't want anyone else to take it, you must register it with the network.

You can do so by typing (in any window): /msg nickserv register password email@address.tld, of course substituting password for any password of your choosing, and email@address.tld with your email address. Try not to make your password too predictable or guessable, but also avoid using any password you use elsewhere since it's very easy to accidentally type your password into an IRC channel revealing it to others. You should now check your email for the confirmation message from freenode, and complete the steps it contains. Please note that disposable/throwaway emails are not allowed and doing so could delay or negatively affect your registration.

Registering your nick will also allow you to be added to a channel's access list; for example, some of the people in #wikipedia-en-help have +'s beside their nicknames (to identify "helpers").

Note: You only have to register your nickname once. Every other time you connect from that point on, you need to prove who you are, with this command: /msg nickserv identify password

Some IRC clients allow you to set performs (this is: command or commands that will automatically be performed on connect) so this would be an ideal command to put in your perform list. On mIRC, you can find the perform list at: File | Select Server.. | Options | Perform.

There are some other options you can set (as well as privacy options), you'll want to get a list by typing: /msg nickserv help


In the Perform Commands section, add:
/nick nickname_you_want
/msg nickserv identify yourpassword

Do these two in the channel leaving our usf there will be "irc" in it send the cmds above to be procced.
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Re: IRC Server!

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