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[READ BEFORE POSTING] Player report format Empty [READ BEFORE POSTING] Player report format

on Sat Jun 09, 2018 4:06 pm
[READ BEFORE POSTING] Player report format
This section is made for in game (sa-mp server) player reports.

You may report rule-breaker here when your in-game report was not checked by an admin since they're offline (check /admins) or inactive (away for long time), however if your report was being checked please do not post, always use the /report command in-game instead.

The rule-breaker that can be reported:

   Regularly plays (i.e. registered or VIP) and can be identified
   Not having a temporary issued name (Unregistered)
   Not a server administrator, please go to [Only admins are allowed to see this link] section to report an admin

To do so, please post with the following format:

Reporter: Your in-game nickname here
Reporting: Name of rule-breaker that you want to report
Time/Date: Time when the rule-break happened (Optional, please do not use word "Yesterday" or "Today")
Reason*: Reason of the report
Proof*: Evidence (e.g. logs, images, videos)

Reporter: row_
Reporting: Vishwajit
Time/Date: 8th June 2018
Reason: Using health hacks + auto-cbug
Proof: This is only an example!

Post The Report [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

Once your report has been submitted, the admins will check and take the necessary action. You will soon get a question or reply from the admin assuring you that the person has been dealt with. Although there is no a 100% chance that action will be taken, we ask for you to remain patient throughout this process, do not make another topic as it will be ignored.

*) Notes:
Please give a specific and detailed reason as much as you can, we do not expect reasons such as "cheat"/"rulebreak"/"multi cheats"
Proof can be in form of image (screenshot), video (preferred) or logs, with your explanation there. Do not fake or edit the proof, including hiding part of image, cropping, editing sound of the video (this includes changing the sound to a music, or muting it on purpose, although you might have it muted if there is technical reason), and also reducing/increasing frame speed, as it will make us difficult to accept the proof.

If you want to report more than one player at same time in a day, please make it in just one topic (one-thread-per-day) to avoid spams, but also not just one thread for all reports you made the whole time, as it is confusing to search for later time.
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